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Shan Riggs

Shan is a 43-year-old ultramarathon runner and sponsorship marketing professional. He's completed 46 ultramarathon races—winning several—and, has more than 20 years of sponsorship consulting experience, working with major brands and properties of all types.  Shan has also ran several multi-day expeditions all over the world raising money and awareness for a variety of charities.  In 2020 Shan ran 3,255 miles from San Francisco to the Connecticut coast, nearly 40 miles a day, raising awareness and over $45,000 for Foodshare.

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Joshuaine (Josh) Grant

Josh is a 50-year-old adventure-seeking cyclist, runner, and scientist. She studied biophysics and biochemistry and currently works for Applied BioMath, providing quantitative systems pharmacology modeling support to pharma and biotech clients. Josh has recently ventured into long-distance running (completing her first ultramarathons last year) but has been cycling for decades. She has ridden in many parts of the country, on both country roads and mountain bike trails. Some of those adventures are captured on her blog page here.

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