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Starting in September 2023, ultrarunner Shan Riggs will attempt a West Coast FKT (from Canada to Mexico), using Adventure Cycling's Pacific Coast Route as a guide. His wife, Joshuaine (Josh), will ride her bike towing a trailer with all of their gear.  The run/ride will benefit the Adventure Cycling Association (ACA), an organization that works to inspire, empower, and connect people who travel by bicycle. ​

Shan Runs Across America was born in 2020 when Shan completed his first cross-country expedition, running from California back home to Connecticut.  In 2022, he and his wife completed the East Coast Greenway Expedition, a  bike-supported run from Florida to the Canadian border in Maine. Between the two trips, he raised $70,000 and had a media reach of 700 million. 

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2000 MILES

From Canada to Mexico - 40 miles a day
One person runs, the other bikes towing their gear
A completely human-powered journey.

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Adventure Cycling Association

“The Adventure Cycling community brings people with common interests together to accomplish goals that can't be done in isolation. With the power of the community behind us, we work to align the people, places, and infrastructure needed for meaningful bicycle travel.”

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